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Winfried W. Weber, Gladius Kulothungan (Editors)
Peter Drucker’s Next Management
New Institutions, New Theories and Practices
Verlag Sordon, Göttingen, 2010, hard cover, 250 pages
€ 29,90; $ 39,90; £ 26,90
ISBN 978-398102286

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was the most influential Management Thinker. On Nov. 19, 2009 his 100th birthday was celebrated. 

This 100th anniversary anthology is dedicated to Peter Drucker, the grand master of management. The insightful, exciting and path breaking articles deal with Drucker’s life, influence, legacy; and the long-term effects of his profound ideas and thinking. What is Drucker’s impact on the next management? In what ways has his thinking influenced current management practices and society?
Peter Drucker defined for the first time the principles of management and cleared the ground for the establishment of a rigorous new discipline. In as early as 1954 he wrote in the Practice of Management: “a manager sets objectives, a manager organizes, motivates and communicates; a manager establishes measuring yardsticks and develops people” – axioms that are relevant and very much operational to this day.
Leading Management thinkers and practitioners like Philip Kotler, Charles Handy, Hermann Simon, Fredmund Malik, Günter Faltin, Dirk Baecker, Atsuo Ueda, Young-Chul Chang, and Winfried Weber sketch in these writings a powerful yet vivid portrayal of Drucker’s thinking and outline his lasting influence on the next management.
Authors from four continents - eight from America, nine from Europe, and six from Asia and the Arabian Peninsula - discuss why it is important to continue on the innovative trail Drucker built for the management discipline; and how his thinking can be applied for energizing the leadership of the 21st century business and society. 


"Thank you so much for that Peter Drucker anthology. This couldn't be more timely. You were so kind to do this and I am most appreciative!"
Steve Forbes, Chairman & CEO, Editor-In-Chief

"Congratulation on its publication."
Prof. Dr. Nitin Nohria, Dean of the Harvard Business School

"Your book arrived today. You have done a remarkable job and I do congratulate you.  Short and mostly very readable chapters. Interesting perspectives and good anecdotes. Peter would have been pleased. Thank you for doing it all."
Charles Handy, Management Thinker

"Congratulations to this excellent anthology! You have attracted renowned authors. The broad range of topics is remarkable." " Glückwunsch zu diesem gelungenen Werk! Sie haben eine sehr renommierte Liga von Autoren gewin-nen können, die Breite der Themen ist ebenfalls beeindruckend."
Prof. Dr. Herman Simon, Simon Kucher & Partners

"I found many very insightful contributions. It's a remarkable compilation of perspectives and reflections."
Prof. Dr. Yves Doz, INSEAD Fontainebleau

"It is great, congratulations! I particularly appreciate the pieces on innovation."
Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange, President, Lorange Institute of Business Zurich

"A well produced volume with many excellent contributions. Please accept my sincere congratulations."
Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Cramer, Dean China Europe International Business School

"As this collection can attest, Peter Drucker's insightful viewpoints have not only shaped the approach of twentieth century managers, but his timeless counsel will prove invaluable to the next generation of management thinkers."
Prof. Dr. Thomas S. Robertson, Dean of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Reviews for the German edition

“The man who has influenced many managers”.                       
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 16.11.2009

“Drucker has founded a new discipline – management”.                                   
www.Handelsblatt.de, 19.11.2009

“Knowledge workers gain knowledge conjointly. Drucker’s answers for the management of tomorrow”.
www.changeX.de , 19.11.2009 
“Drucker has influenced management thinking from the 1940’s until today like no other thinker“ 
www.BusinessWissen.de, 19.11.2009

“Drucker’s ideas have influenced management to this day”.                              
www.Newstin.de, 19.11.2009

“Drucker’s ideas, seen with the eyes of his disciples. It becomes apparent how with his thinking he has left a permanent mark - and numerous innovations - in management. It is a red-hot book.” 
www.trendletter.de, 19.11.2009